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The Keukenhof gardens - The Netherlands - April 2012
Todi (IT) International Ballon Grand Prix 24th edition _ July 2012
Infiorata in Citta della Pieve (PG) - June 2005
Infiorata in Citta della Pieve (PG) 2010
Euroflora_Genoa 2006
Euroflora - Genoa 2011
Infiorata in Spello (PG) 2004
Infiorata in Spello (PG) 2009
Nativity Scenes at Massa Martana (PG)_2008
Flowers Festival_Terni 2014
The race to the ring 2014
Glimpses of Narni 2014
Todi (IT) International Ballon Gran Prix 26th edition_ July 2014
The race to the ring 2015
Narni 2015 Ambient
Inflorate in Spello 2015
Trieste Color Run 2015
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