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I was born in Umbria (Terni) in the early 60s of a late spring afternoon.

In the mid 70s, I discovered my passion for photography in its analog version of which I was unaware till then thanks to my first Nikon, the evolved heir of which continues to “fix” my emotions in digital format today.

The spontaneity of people and their gestures in daily rituals or sporting performance continues to surprise and thrill me.

Taking a photograph and capturing the essence of a gesture or of a word unsaid, enhances my status as a privileged observer of reality.

When I retrace the slide show of my life to that afternoon in Umbria, I constantly see before me the three passions that have accompanied me over the years and have made me grow: photography, coffee and tennis.

Passions that at times have allowed me to dream while at others have led me to despair, which have given me joy while helping me to start all over again; basically they have led me to look towards the coming day.



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